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RnR (Reiki&Relief), Edmonton, AB

Restore your balance...

A Reiki practitioner taps into the spiritual and vibrational energies of your body, channeling them in order to restore balance within your system. This is performed through a light touching technique.

Whether you’re recovering from a painful injury or dealing with stress at home or at work, I am committed to assisting in your recovery and aiding you in achieving a greater sense of inner balance.

Reiki is a calming, comfortable experience that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

References and credentials are available upon request.
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All pricing in USD

Drawn out Reiki

$60.00 per Session

  • Draw out Reiki symbols, determine clients needs based on drawings
  • This type of Reiki can happen daily with or without client being present           (Requires pic of client)
  • This type of Reiki can be done short/long terms basis
  • Longer the service is the less it costs

In Person Reiki

Mobile Reiki (Kayla can come to you)

  • Perform session based on clients needs
  • Small fee for going to customers location

Pricing :

  • 15min/ $35
  • 30min/ $50
  • 1 Hour/ $75

Distance Reiki

Exactly same as in person

Only difference is online/ over phone


  • 15min/ $30
  • 30min/ $45
  • 1 Hour/ $70

Rocks for Sale

Purple and turquoise grape imported from Indonesia 

(Touched only by the person who pulled it from the ground)

(Currently bagged individually by Kayla herself)

Pendulum reading

$5 a question 

Chakra clearing

Only in person
$55+ (depending on travelling to location)

Chakra balancing

Meditation training

$30.00 (Must be in their own home)

Crystalline grid made on metal back

Pricing varies on size required

Monthly mentoring


(Determines customers’ needs whether OCD, anxiety etc.)

  • Not a medical professional
  • Spiritual growth and development

Healing Package

  • Chakra balancing
  • Chakra healing
  • Reiki Session
  • Along with any other need for customers spiritual needs

Angel or Oracle reading


I only do card readings if I can connect with your guides, other than the service will not be available.

Reiki for pets

Reiki for pets large and small

  • Prices are same as healing
  • Chakra balancing and clearing for pets.

You can lead someone to Kundalini awakening.

Although I can’t guarantee Kundalini will awakenI have a variety of ways to make the process faster.
My own Kundalini is awakened.

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